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In our corporate practice we utilize the knowledge and experience we gain in dispute resolution to assist clients with avoiding disputes. Our advisory team works in close proximity with their litigation colleagues to ensure that they keep up to date with the latest developments in statutory interpretations and precedents. With this combined approach we are able to transform this knowledge into the most precise and forward looking advice and drafting inputs when negotiating contracts or advising on corporate structures.


The services we provide across this practice area include:

  • Advising on commercial transactional documents.

  • Advising on corporate structures and governance.

  • Advising family businesses on governance and succession planning.

  • Advising on mergers & acquisitions.

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Our team had the opportunity to work on some of the early proceedings filed under the UAE Bankruptcy Law. This enabled us to gain first hand experience in handling insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings in the UAE.

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Being a leading sector in the UAE, we cater to our construction clients with great emphasis on providing  a solid multi-faced platform that covers the various legal needs of the industry.

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Our advisory team represent both companies and individuals in negotiating, drafting and structuring financing agreements with lenders, as well as investing in all financial products.

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